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The Plight of the Paddling Entrepreneur

Whenever I’ve read stories or watched movies about people following their path and going on expeditions, I always wondered what these people did for a living that gave them the freedom to do these things.

Sure, there are the professional guides and serial expeditionists (not to be confused with serial exhibitionists, although it could be argued that my canoe trips are just an excuse to go skinny dipping as often as possible so I suppose I’m guilty of the latter), but what about the rest?

An Everest climb can take months and $60,000. A typical canoe trip takes a week and doesn’t cost much. A canoe expedition can last a month or much more. A month! Yes, one day I’ll afford myself that luxury, I’m waiting until Erik is old enough and can First Aid my ass back to life when I do something stupid.

With that in mind, the only type of employment that ever really suited my personality was self employment.  So now I don’t have to save up my days off and wait for my two week summer vacation!

Or do I?

The clients! Of course. The plight is this massive tradeoff: Sure I have the freedom to nap after lunch and work at 1 AM, but what are my clients supposed to do without me when I grab my paddle and head into canoeland? I need to find out what those 6-week-off Everest climbers do with their responsibilities while they’re having fun in the Death Zone.

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