Follow us on our journey as we get ready to leave Vancouver for Naramata, BC.

We're starting a new adventure, packing up and moving to the Okanagan Valley. Sun, lakes, wine, amazing people and a whole new way of looking at our crazy life.

The Explorers Club

What is The Explorers Club?  It is a meeting point for explorers and field scientists worldwide that’s been in action since 1904. The Canadian Chapter of The Explorers Club is nearly 200 members strong and it’s members include scientists, students, authors, and professionals who all share a passion for exploration and discovery

Exercises to Get Ready for Paddling

Canoe Fitness

Spring is nearly here, which means it’s time to get those paddling muscles back into shape. Well, not just the paddling muscles of course, it’s important to get them all back into shape. I’ve stayed physically active all winter, but really want to paddle fast and long right out the gate. The canoe paddling motion […]