New Canoe Modifications


We are loving our new solo canoe but it needed some DIY mods for comfort and portaging. 

This is a work in progress. The more I use the new Clipper Freedom, the more improvements I’ll come up with. I’m still tinkering with the bigger Tripper and we’ve had it for several years now.

Canoe Seat Protector DIY

The seat height adjustment arm is a thin piece of metal that digs right into my leg when I’m in a relaxed position, which isn’t relaxing.

I sliced this leftover piece of Therm-A-Rest mattress, squirted some glue in there, and slipped it on. Both sides, of course. Works like a charm.

Canoe Leg Protector

Canoe Seat Padding DIY

These tractor seats are comfy as-is, but they could be comfier. I glued a Therm-A-Rest Ridge Rest foam mattress to the seat and cut off the excess. In hindsight, it may have been smarter to position it so the channels go front-to-back for drainage. We’ll see how it holds up.

Canoe Seat Cusion

Canoe Seat Cushion with Padding


Canoe Seat Lock DIY

Since this solo canoe doesn’t have a portage yoke, I’ll need to rest the seat against the back of my neck / shoulders when I carry it around. This works well, but because it is a sliding seat the center of gravity gets thrown out of wack when it slides around. I used some leftover webbing and buckle and voila, instant anti-seat-slip that undoes in a second when I’m on the water.


Canoe Sliding Seat Stopper DIY

Canoe Paddle Tie Down

I tucked the spare paddle right next to me, and with it tied down like this it doesn’t move. Plus there’s the rest of the unused paracord in case I ever need it.

Spare Paddle



Written by Jens Petersen