DIY Canoe and Kayak Stands


I don’t often have a need to prop up the canoes on a stand like this, so I couldn’t justify buying one. Most of the time they’re in the water, on the wall stand, on the roof rack, on just on the ground. I did have a few things I wanted to do to the canoes (fresh seat pads and so on) and thought having the canoes at hip level would be really handy. So I built a rack.

DIY Canoe and Kayak Stand Materials

I bought some PVC pipes, needing the following:

  • Using 1-inch PVC pipes:
  • 4 x 4-feet
  • 8 x 1.5-feet
  • 8 x T connectors
  • 2-inch webbing, roughly 10 feet total
  • 3-inch bolts with nuts and washers
  • Fine-tooth saw and drill

Spray painting them is optional of course. Cut the pieces, drill holes and connect the long pipes with the nuts and bolts, put on the T-connectors then screw in the webbing. The top webbing is longer than the bottoms. Basically the bottoms keep the tops from spreading too far, the top webbing supports the canoe. Easy peezy.

DIY Canoe Rack

Canoe Rack Pipes

Canoe Rack Spraypaint

Written by Jens Petersen