Dehydrating Ground Beef

When I met Jens I wasn’t much of a camper – or outdoors person. But I could cook. 

Jens introduced me to camping and I quickly fell in love with being outside, sleeping in a tent and of course, canoeing. In fact, we even went camping for our honeymoon which shocked my high heel wearing entourage.

So when we decided it was time to start overnight canoeing, we started chatting about food. Sure, it’s easy enough to pack for a day trip or car camping, but what do you do when you need to pack in all your food for a multi-night trip?

The first thing I learned was that we needed to pack light so dehydrating was going to be my game changer. I love to cook so I took up the challenge for our first overnighter. I decided the easiest thing to do was make pasta so we decided on rotini with meat sauce.

Neither one of us had ever dehydrated a thing so off to YouTube we went and I found this great video by PineMaryn that was super easy to follow

Dehydrating ground beef is super easy and totally worth it. You get a super light weight protein for your trips that re-hydrates super well and tastes great when your mix it in with my tomato sauce (recipe coming soon!)  
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Written by Anita Petersen