Drowning or Cold Water Death Count

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Yes, this count is grim as hell. But we are hellbent on bringing the importance of wearing lifejackets while in or on a small watercraft to as many people as possible, and wearing a wetsuit or drysuit in cold water.

Update as of 2016/05/21:  I’ve made my point. Not wearing a life jacket is a ticket to the morgue, period. I won’t be updating this page any further.

Listen folks: It is ridiculously easy to drown. Cold water will quickly drain your body of heat and energy. Add a few waves and a coughing splash of water into your lungs, and that’s it. Safety first. You must wear a lifejasket or PFD every time you take out your canoe, kayak or paddle board.

We were just talking about this over dinner last night. We are very strong swimmers and are both trained as lifeguards in our youth. Unfortunately, if you have a stroke, or aneurysm, or are attacked by a sea lion or very angry beaver, and you are unconscious in the water, without a life jacket, you can die. Add cold water and you just die faster. 

There are so many scenarios that cause us nightmares.  

Read more on cold water at the National Center for Cold Water Safety

No-Lifejacket Death Count: 18 and rising
Cold Water Death Count: 2
Saved by a Lifejacket: 3

Written by Jens Petersen